Art from the past

Sometimes I like to go back in the past by looking through my older works of art. Not only does it bring back memories of where I studied and painted the particular pieces, but I remember faces from those days, the long hours we studied together eating cafeteria muffins and tea in the painted studio. It was a lovely space to be back then. During my career when the times became stressful, I often commented to myself that all I wanted to do was to paint pretty flowers, my own idea of flowers, and to not give a care what anyone else thought about my pretty flowers.


How I got back into the groove

Thanks to my friend, Tina, for encouraging me to take workshops with her. We call these workshops “play dates” as it seemed like the only time we were able to get together to see each other was at these art workshops. A day of art, of being creative,  is like a day at the spa for me.